Liquids are one of the three chemical phase states that matter is found in. Whether a substance manifests as a solid, a liquid or a gas depends upon how tightly packed its molecules are to one another; this, in turn, frequently depends upon the temperature. In a solid, molecules are tightly bound to one another; in a liquid, they are bound firmly but not densely, which gives them the ability to flow; in a gas, molecules have few if any bonds to one another.



For an example of how that works, take a look at the most common substance on the earth’s surface, H2O. In its liquid form it is water, a necessity for all life. When the temperature drops, the distances between individual water molecules grows smaller and eventually, at a point called the freezing point, water turns into a solid called ice. Conversely, as the temperature grows warmer, water molecules absorb energy and use that energy to push themselves farther apart from one another, entering into a gaseous phase called steam.

Another example: At normal temperatures, nitrogen is a gas, but at extremely cold temperatures, nitrogen becomes a liquid. Liquid nitrogen is a popular coolant.

Although they have many of the physical properties of solids, many chemists classify gels as liquids; thus, if you’re awaiting surgery or a medical procedure such as a diagnostic test, and you’re placed on a liquid diet, the Jello you’re served along with your water and broth is considered part of a liquid diet.

Liquids can be used as mediums for explosives and for this reason, liquids on airplanes are permitted only if the passenger is limited to carrying three ounces (88 cc) or less.

Like every word, the word “liquid” has entered the lexicon and is widely linked to words and phrases with specific meanings, some of which are far afield from the word’s original chemical definition. Liquid Clubs are a network of social clubs providing opportunities to meet people with similar interests. The word “liquid” in the name of the club describes the many different opportunities the club presents for meeting potential friends.

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